Tuesday, May 30, 2006

You'll Have to Drag Prescott's Corpse from Dorneywood

From BBC:
Colin Brown said Mr Prescott, who will be 68 on Wednesday, was "angry with the way the press has treated him", was "determined to see it through" and "was not going to resign".

"He (Mr Prescott) insists that he's going to carry on, that there's no question of him giving up Dorneywood.
"He feels that if he gave up Dorneywood because of the press clamour, it would be salami slicing, and what would be next and who would be next?"

God willing he would be next. Prescott does seem to be getting very defensive about keeping his mansion… this is fairly typical of Old Labour types.

Before being an MP, as we all know, Prezza was a Steward on a cruise ship. There’s no way in hell that he could ever hope for 2 jags, a morally flexible PA and a country mansion. Not a chance… but Parliament offers him these perks.

Now compare that with the Tories… they mostly come from that “hated elite”, Fox was a GP, Cameron a PR executive and so forth. These are well paid jobs and if the Tories wanted money and perks, they wouldn’t have gone into politics.

Old Labour (not NuLab’s barrister types) comes from shop stewards, teachers, nurses, public servants, people who are never going to be able to afford these trappings outside government… ask yourself.. who’s going to be corrupt?

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