Thursday, May 25, 2006

Is Anyone in the Home Office Here Legally?

I have blogged frequently about the Home Office and not wishing to let a good rant subside I am going to continue. Regular Guttersnipes will recall that our benevolent Home Secretary came into his new job, adjusted the height of his fine office chair and declared “No More Cock Ups”. Well In the Sun (a newspaper for all good Guttersnipes):

"A SUSPENDED immigration chief facing a sex-for-visas probe was an illegal immigrant himself, The Sun can reveal. James Dawute, 53, is believed to have arrived from Ghana as a visitor, then stayed on unlawfully when his visa expired."

Not a good advert for Reidy’s new tough line on immigration I would think. Now also cast your mind back as far as the past 2 days when I called on civil servants to start leaking information. Well they’re starting to openly yet anonymously comment:

"Last night a senior Whitehall source admitted: “He should have been booted out.”. According to a furious whistleblower, Dawute arrived in Britain during the 1980s and remained when he should have left."

"Ex-Tory Home Office minister Ann Widdecombe said: “There is nothing left to surprise me.“This is a catalogue of scandal and foul-up. It wouldn’t shock me to learn the Home Secretary is an illegal immigrant.”" – Priceless!

Last night a Home Office spokesman said: “We do not comment on individual cases.”

Well be assured, Guttersnipe comments on individual cases and this one beggars belief. The only thing that convinces me that this is true is that you couldn’t make it up…

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