Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Prescott Still a Laughing Stock

There have been quite a few news items covering Two Jags/Shags/Houses/Inches as he stood up to answer questions in the house today regarding what the f*ck we are paying him for. I am going to go wih the Daily Mail for reasons no deeper than I happen to agree with them on all their views on Prescott.

Apparently the DPM stood in the face of not only Tory jeers but Labour jeers as well.

"Justifying his salary, he said: "I am doing far more than Lord Heseltine did. No complaints were made about Lord Heseltine at the time. I am doing far more work than he did, I am fully justifying the work I am doing."

Funny... I don't recall Lord Heseltine having the time to bone his diary secretary in the office, and I don't think he is justifying the job that he is doing. I haven't as yet seen an ounce of justification. If he is chairing so many committees why is that too much for him? It wasn't too much for all the other Deputy Prime Ministers.

While this oaf remains in a cabinet position the whole Labour brand is stained... I can only view this as a good thing for a Tory victory but a deeply bad thing for the 4 years before that happens.

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dizzy said...

Mr Heseltine should have his Cabinet salary stopped and start getting ordinary Equity rates for his pathetic pantomime performances." - John prescott in 1995

Yay for doublethink!