Thursday, May 25, 2006

Question Time Tonight.

Tonight’s Panel includes Geoff “I’ve got so little pride I can’t even stand up to Margaret Beckett” Hoon, Sayeeda Warsi – Tory Vice Chair, Oona King, Nick Clegg and historian Niall Ferguson.

I think the panel’s going to be a bit left heavy tonight with one Labour MP and one former Labour MP. I’ll be keeping a close eye on Sayeeda Warsi as she is on the A-List and a former candidate for seats near me.

Personally I’m not confident of her ability to overturn Shahid Malik in Dewsbury as he gets a hell of a lot more press coverage especially with it being one of the few areas where Labour gained seats in the Council elections. Still… good luck to her.

Hoon is bound to be a Labour apologist and I shall duly report on this tomorrow. Iain Dale may well do a live blog tonight... I'll be keeping a Boo count for Labour

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