Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another Gimmick...

So I learn today that there are several things going on to give us the impression that the government is doing something about the problems we face in our daily lives.

I don't know what brings me more despair - the fact that they assume that the electorate is stupid enough to fall for this bollocks, or that in the past they have been right.

What we are greeted with today is "Let's Talk" an initiative to get people talking to the government, rather like the failed "Big Conversation" whose only achievement was making Labour's consultants richer. We don't need this, people have been talking to the government. We have said

"We don't want you running our councils"
"86% of us want John Prescott sacked"
"2 million of us don't want the Iraq war"

In fact as I recall this week, one man who has been talking to the government
is no longer allowed to.

Next we're having British values taught in schools. It's being pitched like it is a new thing, it isn't. My school taught me manners, courtesy, respect and a lack of prejudice. These things just got swept under the carpet by a government trying to appease a minority of self hating liberals. Of course now that they need the votes they're ready to wrap themselves in the flag and celebrate "Britishness". It might have had some credibility if it wasn't being put about by the people who devolved the union. Gordon Brown appeared on TV shouting about having a Veterans' Day. Well Gordon, we have a veterans day... it's called Remembrance Sunday and we used it to remember all those soldiers your people killed in your Iraq War. Happy now?

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