Monday, May 08, 2006

It's not Often I agree With Labour People But....

.... Roy Hattersley writes a thumping good bit in the Guardian today.

"There was a time when the prime minister believed in something. His vision of the good society was one which I did not share. But I accepted that he wanted more than power alone. Now he believes in nothing except hanging on, in the hope of regaining some of his lost reputation. Not even the present Labour party will tolerate that for long."

The approaching bloodshed is not good for government. The Tories have proved it's not even good in opposition. Any legislation they want to pass will now be subject to each camp's agenda and none of this is good for the country.

As much as I believe that a lengthy Blair term is a good prospect for a Tory government next time round, I can't say I want to live through the 2-3 years that would lead up to that.

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