Friday, May 05, 2006

Share of the Vote

Before you all come back at me I know full well all the disclaimers yadda yadda yadda but I couldn't resist putting the "share of the vote" banded around at last night's elections into - it made for an interesting read:

CON majority of 80

CON seats - 363, LAB seats - 168, LIB - 83

It does give us some good scalps to claim as well:

Clare Short loses to LIB (I never thought I'd be grateful to the LibDems for anything)
Jack Straw loses to CON
Ruth Kelly loses to CON
Margaret Beckett loses to LIB
Chris Huhne loses to CON
Alistair Darling loses to CON
Glenda Jackson loses to CON
Frank Dobson loses to CON
Gerald Kaufman loses to CON
Charles Clarke loses to LIB
Beverley Hughes loses to LAB

A fantasy election I know, but I'm wondering how many Labour backbenchers and frontbenchers are now starting to worry about their diminishing majorities.

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