Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What Election Were the Socialists Watching?

I had the following stuff forwarded from The Socialist Worker and it has left me stunned. These are extracts from 2 articles in the same paper on the same day about the local election results.

Local elections were not a great day for Tories and Liberals
"Tory leader David Cameron had to prove he could make new inroads—and here he failed completely, as the Tories won no seats at all in Manchester, Liverpool or Newcastle. Nor is there a single Tory councillor in either Oxford or Cambridge, where the Tories lost their last seat this time.The Tories took 39 percent of the vote on Thursday of last week. Former Tory leader William Hague did nearly as well in the 2000 local elections, winning 38 percent of the vote. "

Spectacular performance from Respect in local elections
"Our most spectacular results were in east London. We won 39,600 votes – 23 percent – in Tower Hamlets and took 12 council seats from Labour. In neighbouring Newham we won three seats, 26 percent of the council votes and 20 percent of the mayoral votes."

So let's sum this up shall we?

Conservatives gain 316 seats and control 11 more councils than they did on Wednesday.

SW backed Respect gain seats to have a total of 26 councillors and control nothing. They were even outperformed by the other scary party of racists the BNP who now have at least 31 councillors.

"the Tories won no seats at all in Manchester, Liverpool or Newcastle." - I don't think Respect did either did they?

What the hell are these people thinking? And why, if they are so anti-capitalist do they sell their newspaper?

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