Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Do As We Say Not As We Do

The tax bill deadline is looming and your god Gutternsipe has submitted, as is required, a hefty breakdown of every financial coming and going in my last business year. This is, I am led to believe, a legal requirement.

So given that I have to do a breakdown of all this and keep records of my expenses in case the government think I’m conning money out of them why is it not the case for our MPs?

Why, pray tell do our MPs even have the right to vote about whether or not we see their expenses? And why the fuckety fuck is Gordon Brown
three line whipping them to vote for this block.

Nick Clegg said:
“At a time when families are having to count every penny, it is outrageous that MPs are seeking to hide how they spend their money”

But it’s not their money is it Nick? It’s fucking ours…. Yours… mine.

All through this rotten cunt core these bastards insist on bringing in fucking systems so that they can avoid the same shit they load us down with…. Don’t believe me? Well here’s a few.

This fucking expenses block – if you spend £22K on a second home this year they’ll want to know what on, and not take it off your tax bill.

Smoking ban – Doesn’t apply within Houses of Parliament

Restrictions on Happy Hours and low cost alcohol
– Houses of Parliament retain their subsidised bars and wine cellars

Education – How many Labour MPs have voted against your children having the same education they got?

“One Labour MP considering rebelling said that doing so posed considerable risks. “Not only could you face sanctions from the whips, I would also face considerable sniping from colleagues if I tried to oppose this,” he said. “You have to watch for the blade between the shoulders.”

So… sniping from colleagues? You fucking make me sick. I urge everyone who reads this to find out who this Labour MP is and come the next election make sure he has no votes at all.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Quick Rant

A flying visit if you will...

Why the fuck can the bloody Government decide that the Ramblers' Association can tramp across someone's land irrespective of the fact they don't own it and are not responsible for its upkeep...

In the Queen's Speech last week, a Bill was proposed to change this. It would give the Government the power to establish a "corridor" at least 10 metres (33 feet) wide around the entire English coastline to which everyone would have access, whether or not the owner wished it. Land would also be made available for open-air recreation - or "spreading room", as the Bill terms it - for public use. The Government is adamant that no compensation will be paid to landowners whose property is contained within the corridor.

However... any of us try to walk down Downing Street which, I might add, we the fucking taxpayers fucking pay for, and we'd be fucking arrested and assraped in Belmarsh without trial.

Go figure...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The BNP List Exposes More...

It seems that there’s a list of BNP members been published on the internet. I’ll not link to it since I respect the right to privacy, and odious as one might find the BNP (socialists and therefore cunts) they can have the same rights as the rest of us.

But it’s the reaction to the nervous twitchings of several people on the list that has caught my attention, and the fact that the powers that be are laughing on the inside about this, you can just tell.

These would be the same careless cocktards you might remember that keep losing laptops, top secret files, DNA records, CDs of tax and benefit details and so forth.. but hey so long as it’s not happened to them eh?

And she [venomous harridan Jaqui Smith - RG] told the BBC News Channel she did not mind people knowing she was a member of the Labour Party, adding: "I wonder why it is that BNP members are rather more ashamed of their membership."

They’re not you fucking harridan, they’re scared that your fucking police state fucking Big Brother state that you have engendered will make sure that they lose their jobs for not having political views that are compatible with the fucking Labour Party.

And a classic example of this is here:

Peter Fahy, chief constable of Greater Manchester Police and spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers, said: "Membership or promotion of the BNP by any member of the police service, whether police officer or police staff, is prohibited.

"This is because such membership would be incompatible with our duty to promote equality under the Race Relations Amendment Act and would damage the confidence of minority communities."

That’s sweet isn’t it… membership of this group is banned in the name of equality and Race Relations… membership of the Association of Black Police Officers is perfectly acceptable.

And it isn’t just the police

Labour MPs are pushing for trade unions to be given the right to expel members who belong to the BNP without penalty.

You see everyone calls the BNP right-wing Nazis, however it’s the Labour Party here that are loading the police with their “right kind of people” and looking to alter the political make-up of the trade unions.

First they came for the dissidents…

What's French for Irrelevant?

Just fucking do one Gordon.

HAHAHAHA!!!! (emphasis mine - RG)

PARIS (Reuters) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy and former Prime Minister Tony Blair will host a meeting of international leaders and experts in January to discuss the global economic crisis, the president's office said Tuesday.

"We are living in a crucial period for our economies and our social organisations. More than ever, we must show that we can propose concrete solutions to the challenges confronting us," Sarkozy's office said in a statement.

Yes, you read that right. Sarkozy and BLAIR are meeting.

It seems that the first concrete solution to the economic crisis is make sure Brown's nowhere to be seen.

For once in my life I appear to agree with Tony Blair... Gordon just should fuck off where he can't do any more damage. Hardly fits in with his "Saviour of the Economic Crisis" and "Leading the Way in Europe" idea does it?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It Didn't Work The First Time...

Quick do something... ANYTHING!

Every area of England is to be covered by a Children's Trust Board (CTB), the government is to announce.

The boards, which aim to prevent abuse by co-ordinating child protection workers,
will also be strengthened.

The initiative follows the failure of social workers in Haringey to prevent the abuse and death of Baby P.

So what we’ve got here is the usual knee-jerk “Oh my god we need more fucking administrators” response of appearing to do something because so many people are demanding something be done.

Sure… something must be done. But not this.

Let’s look at one of the issues

Social worker Sylvia Henry wanted him to go into foster care after he was taken to a north London hospital in 2006 with non-accidental injuries.

But her bosses decided Baby P should be looked after by a family friend.
So, given that the bosses were at fault here rather than the social worker how come we’re responding with more bosses rather than more social workers?

But read down the article and we see just how good this idea of
improving what they did last time

Children's Secretary Ed Balls has asked Lord Laming to conduct a national review to see whether the recommendations the peer made in 2000 into the death Victoria Climbie - also in Haringey - have been put into practice.
You see that? What the fuck? Eight years after the tragic and probably avoidable death of Victoria Climbie and six years after they stood in Parliament with the results of that enquiry and
announced the following:

The government is to set up new bodies to take control of health and social care services for children.

Health Secretary Alan Milburn told MPs these children's trusts were aimed at preventing a repeat of the Victoria Climbie tragedy.

The trusts - originally proposed last year - will be responsible for coordinating children's care at a local level.

They will be expected to ensure that health and social services have the interest of children
at heart at all times.
See any similarities?

After all that promise and setting up of more committees and bosses and bollocks they feel the need to go back and see if any of it was actually done? Any of it? How fucking important was it to you then? Eh? How?

No… they couldn’t be arsed then once the bad press had died down and they can’t be arsed now.

Social workers did not kill Baby P.

My Body is My Temple OK?

Every time I looked at my life and see what our crackpot fucking government has taken from me whether in money or other delights of my life that I am now no longer allowed to do I think “what the fuck do you want… blood?”

Now it seems they’re going for
the next best thing.

“Gordon Brown is not ruling out a change in the law on organ donation even though a panel of experts has rejected the idea of "presumed consent".”

Light blue touch paper and retreat.

Just fuck off will you? Just fuck off… I cannot believe what I am reading. In fact in the car yesterday the charming Lady Guttersnipe actually turned off the radio after fearing for my blood pressure.

This fucking shower of cunts feel it perfectly OK to allow a woman to keep a child that is being systematically beaten to death but seem to make it compulsory for me to pony up my fucking organs whether I like it or not.

Just fucking take your illiberal fucking attitude and fuck off.

You take enough from me in life, I’d like a choice about what you fucking take from me when I die OK?
Besides.... they can't even manage to take my fucking rubbish away on time, what fucking chance have they got of getting my organs off me?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

He's Right You Know!

Gordon turns his attention to those of us not in the Public Sector
Richard Littlejohn lets fly in today’s Mail.
As the headline of his article suggests, for years he’s always had a good laugh at the wealth of non-jobs offered in the public sector through the Jobs section of the Guardian. But our economy is going tits fucking up everywhere you look and still the government and public sector are recruiting like crazy for every fucking pointless waste of our money going…. And these are the fucktards that are now running some major banks?
Now…. It is taking the fucking piss. Get in there son
In yesterday's Guardian, for instance, Nottinghamshire NHS was advertising for an assistant director of equality and human rights, salary up to £77,179 a year.
'Acting as our champion on equality, diversity and human rights, you will work in collaboration with our external partners to develop and co-ordinate strategic policies.' After that, I lost the will to live.
But you have to ask why the NHS needs equalities and human rights 'champions'. We're talking about the NHS, not the United Nations. All most of us want from the health service is easy access to a GP and a dentist and fulfilment of the reasonable expectation that in the event of our having to go into hospital for a routine operation, we won't die from a superbug we have contracted on the ward.
Barnet Council, in North London, is desperately seeking a Head of Internal Audit and Ethical Governance, on £80,000 a year, plus the usual perks. How on earth have they managed without one all these years?
Back in Nottingham, the police are looking for a Performance, Partnerships and Business Development Manager, just shy of £40,000 a year. The successful applicant will be responsible for 'delivery of programme capabilities and business results and strategic development of a comprehensive...' You get the gist.
Now you know what happens to all the money they save closing police stations and taking policemen off the beat.
His closing statement really hits a note.

We are now two nations - those who have to make a living in the real world and the army of subsidised public 'servants' guaranteed their jobs and index-linked pensions regardless of cost.
While millions of us in the competitive sector of the economy stare down the barrel of redundancy, the feather-bedded inhabitants of Brown's bloated client state are insulated from the realities of his economic mismanagement.
They won't be joining the three million unemployed any time soon.
Brown bangs on about highest employment ever… very little of it seems to be employed to do any actual fucking work.

Why not take your Diversity Tsars and get them to empty my fucking bins more than once a fortnight?


Priorities People...

So… a couple of ‘edgy’ broadcasters leave a lewd answering machine message and all manner of shit flies off resulting in…

Brand resigned from Radio 2 in the wake of the row, while Ross was suspended without pay for three months.

Radio 2 executive David Barber, the station's head of specialist music and compliance, who would have been involved in checking the content of programmes prior to transmission, has resigned over the incident.

His departure follows that of Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas last month.

A 17-month-old baby on the Social Services watch list is beaten to death and has anyone got the chop yet?


Priorities people priorities….

I See They Did Actually Trash The Place While I Was Away

Well it’s been nearly a year since Scarlet Pimpernel like I disappeared. Why? Mostly work but there was also a few other things…

The state of the country got so fucked up that I can no longer watch the news or pretty much any politics broadcast without wanting to throw the remote at the TV or use the BBC iPlayer as a punchbag. As such I have been remarkably ill-informed about the finer points of the world and not in a good place to offer insightful comment.

But then when has the Spleen ever been a place of insightful comment. Quite the reverse. This blog is all about calling the government and various socialists cunts and should remain so.

My good Greek colleague has returned to vent his ire after a well earned rest and I should do the same. After all if I don’t there will be one less person to cry “cunt”.
So I am back… and socialists… you are cunts.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Solution To All The Country's Ills

According to the news the BBC Licence Fee could be shared amongst other institutions as well naturally the BBC is sulking about it. However there is a real opportunity here to right all the wrongs of the country.

Scrap the BBC news and have everything depressing in the country reported by Pathe newsreels...

Flooding in Tewkesbury?
Well they may be up their necks in water but they're filled to the gills with spirits! The ladies of the Tewkesbury WI have built themselves rafts. They'll show Johnny Climate Change just how the British can cope... so Anchors Away Girls!

Terrorists Bomb the Tube?
Look at this plucky chap here... he's cycling through the remains of the Tube station... Old Abdul's not going to stop this chap getting to work! Hat's off to you Tommy!

Really... the British have lost their pluckiness.. get it back and all the problems in the world get demoted to "something the British can cope with" and therefore don't need solutions.

Care to back my campaign? I think it has merit… spread the word.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Telegraph Headline

On the front page of the Telegraph's web site concerning the planned police protest:

Home Secretary faces backbench rebellion as police plan to take to the streets.

And a good thing too... get them from behind their desks weighed down by NuLab paperwork and out on the streets where they belong.

Anyone else think that all the jewellery shops are clamouring for the route to go past their premises?