Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shortest Tenure in Political History?

The Home Office juggling act continues as John Reid rearranges deck chairs and asks the band to play “Nearer My God to Thee”. Now we have a swap of ministers with McNulty moving from immigration to the police and Liam Byrne moving from the police to immigration after only 2 weeks in the job – is this a record for shortest serving minister?

David Davis has said “if Mr McNulty "is not good enough to run the immigration department, how will he be capable of running the police force?" A good question I think,

The Home Office replied with a statement saying that Mr. McNulty was the best man for the job, I recall them saying the same thing about Charles Clarke. Still it fits in with his skills, he can move from allowing immigrants to roam unchecked to allowing criminals to walk out of prisons.

They are missing an important point here though. These people might not be the best people for the job, they’re just the best people with Labour party membership that they have. The problem overhanging all this is the Labour attitude of micromanagement, state control and interference as well as their policy of using the public sector to keep their unemployment figures down and appease their trade union paymasters.

This shows no sign of abating and therefore I see the problem getting worse and worse.
The Home Secretary is facing MPs today… it will be interesting to see how many excuses he has left.

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