Friday, May 12, 2006

People Should Bring Rotten Fruit to Question Time

Every Thursday night I settle down religiously to watch Question Time. Well worth the licence fee in my humble opinion. Have you noticed steadily over the past years that the Tory repersentatives are starting to get many many more rounds of applause than the hapless Blair apologist that frequently ends up no the panel?

Last night was no exception, when Hazel Blears spoke there was a silence like the Labour backbenches. At the start I felt kind of sorry for her, however as she continued on defending the party line and dodging questions I thought "how can she actually believe this stuff?" and members of the audience even asked that question.

It seems I am not alone in this. Some of the people quoted on the
BBC site seem to agree:

"How pathetic to see another simpering Blairite clone shaking her head at the perfectly valid comments on any subject. I have never seen a government minister so out of touch with the mood of the audience. "

"I find it side-splittingly funny that government ministers, week after week, sit at the QT desk shaking their heads at what everybody else is applauding. Their inability to answer a straight-forward question with a straight-forward answer is clear evidence that they never actually want to answer for anything."

"Please either get Hazel Blears off the panel, or tell her to stop giving party political broadcasts. If she cannot give us the truth, we do not want to hear her."

"I see the Blears grin is still fixed."

Here is what they said about Margaret Beckett:

"The PM could not have watched last night`s QT. Had he done so, then surely he would not have appointed Margaret Beckett to be the new Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary"

"Beckett does not impress at all. "

"A very poor performance from Beckett. People want to see their politicians answer the questions put to them, not answer the questions they want to. "

"Will someone please wipe that smug smirk off Margaret Beckett's face?"

"I've never seen a convincing performance by Margaret Beckett on QT. Tonight is no exception. "

I'm certain the entertainment value would be greatly increased if the audience could bring rotten fruit. I'll review the "Labour Cheerleader" each week from now on.

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