Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Labour Booted Back in the Kinnock Days

A Populous poll for the Times has put Labour at its lowest level since back in the good old Kinnock days of 1992. They currently read:

Conservative – 38%
Labour – 30%
LibDem – 20%

A glorious day for us ni the Blue Corner I think you’ll agree. Now, dear readers, do we remember what Labour did the last time they reached this low level of support? They:

a) Lost a General Election
b) Changed their leader to someone the public didn’t hate.

Are you seeing the hint here? Personally I’d rather they went for option A. Of course the Labour machine have a few things to say about this:

Our great and benevolent leader said “"We are obviously going through difficult times – in a third term of government, it would be completely bizarre if we weren't,"

Does anyone else feel that it would be “completely bizarre” if a third term government wasn’t selling peerages, sacking 8,000 NHS staff, having sex on government time, releasing dangerous prisoners, giving paedophiles jobs in schools and curtailing the right to protest?

I can only think of that happening to one third term government…. Don’t you?

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