Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bye Bye Ballsy

Us on the right have long been looking forward to the redrawing of the electoral boundaries. This is going to make the electoral system fairer as the movement of the population is taken into account. But better than that it’s likely to give the Conservatives around 22 more seats.

I wasn’t expecting any decent ministerial scalps to be claimed out of this but apparently I was wrong:


“High-flying minister Ed Balls should definitely lose his constituency, says the Boundaries Commission.”

I couldn’t agree with them more, but probably for different reasons. I’ve nothing personal against Ed Balls but we Blues have to take victories where we can get them.

His seat is apparently to be absorbed into the Pontefract & Castleford seat of his wife, Yvette Cooper. After her performance turning Pontefract Castle’s St. George’s Day Festival into a “Vote Labour” photo opportunity and claiming that it was the result of Labour investment I’d rather she lost her seat than Ed.
But those are the breaks.

Does anyone else think it is odd that a commission ordered by Mr. Blair has claimed a staunch Brown ally as its first casualty? Guttersnipe thinks not.

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