Friday, May 26, 2006

More Good News for David Cameron

Following hot on the heels of the ICM/Guardian poll I blogged about a few days ago, today we have a good YouGov poll in the Telegraph. David Cameron must be spending his mornings pleasantly chuckling into his cornflakes while listening to his favourite Benny Hill tracks.

Conservatives – 38%
Labour – 32%
LibDem – 16%

Today the Conservatives have a 6 point lead over Labour, who are ‘enjoying’ (or at least Guttersnipe is), their worst polls since 1992.

It always worried me that disgruntled middle class Labour voters would register their discomfort with voting for the LibDems, however the poll shows that this isn’t the case. Only 16% polled would be voting LibDem, it shows that David Cameron is winning back the trust that used to be placed in the Conservative party.
This will be another unwelcome headache for Ming Campbell as the poll shows that despite 16% voting LibDem only 8% want to see him in Downing Street. I saw Nick Clegg on Question Time last night and felt that he would make a much better leader of the LibDems, so naturally I want Muppet Ming to stick around as long as possible.

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Chris Palmer said...

The thing is though, Cleggface wouldn't make a 'much better leader.' He just has a pretty face. There isn't too much between the ears.