Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Education Tennis Returns to Parliament

There’s going to be a neat distraction from the Home Office circus this week as the much emasculated Education Bill returns to the House of Commons for its final stages.

Once again this bill is likely to only see the light of day with Tory support. David Cameron announced he has a policy of avoiding “Punch and Judy” politics and a lot of people have interpreted this (the PM included) as being nice at PMQs. It isn’t, it’s about supporting good ideas regardless of the party that has tabled them. This is something that cannot be said of Labour as many of their rebels are opposing the bill simply because Tories are supporting it.

However I am wary of this because of that Tory support. Labour’s reaction to this will be to offer further concessions to left wing tub thumpers so that they don’t have to have the Tories involved and avoid party embarrassment. Well Guttersnipe says:

Bollocks to the embarrassment – think of all the little Guttersnipes.

Personally, I want to see all Tory support for this bill withdrawn the moment that the first concession is put in. The originator of this bill has been on record saying that it is nothing like the legislation he wished to put through.

If this bill is to be emasculated further then it should be filed in the bin.

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