Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Police Focussing on Labour Loans

According to the Times today Yates of the Yard is focussing his investigations on Labour’s £4 million loans. Naturally they’re all getting a little twitchy…

“It is Labour’s loans that seem to be at the heart of the issue,” one senior source said. “There are a number of documents that have given the investigation an added significance. Everybody knows that the Labour Party must be terrified. But now the police have the evidence in its hands, it might be best to remain calm, and help them as much as possible.”

Is it just me or does that sound more like “co-operate and we’ll get a reduced sentence”?

“Lord Levy, Tony Blair’s personal fundraiser, had been scheduled to give evidence in a televised hearing before the committee next week. He will now not be questioned by the committee until the police have interviewed him.”

I have to state here that I am glad of this, Lord Levy’s plans to report to a commons committee just sounded like an excuse for all to get their stories straight before Officer Dibble caught up with them.

“If there were to be a prosecution it is unlikely that any of the dozen donors questioned by police would face charges because they would have been following instructions from the Labour Party. This would put any blame on to the party.”

Rightly so… how are they going to get around this one? They can’t go in with their standard defence of “well we’ve put in more investment” and I’d like to see them try to blame the Tories.

I will snipe from the gutter throughout.

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