Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Throwing Money at the Proles!


"More than £2bn of tax credits has been overpaid for a second year running, the government is expected to confirm. Families given too much during the 2004-2005 financial year could now face having to make reimbursements."

Yet again we’re seeing this happen… second year running!!! I’ll bet a Working Families Tax Credit (overpaid by 20%) that this isn’t the second year it has happened. It’s starting to look like unofficial New Labour policy to throw free money at proles.

Note Auntie Leftie the BBC goes pulling the heart strings with “Families given too much during the 2004-2005 financial year could now face having to make reimbursements.”.. awwwww! How tragic that they have money that isn’t theirs and they have to return it.

The UK Population is about 60 million (source) so this is equivalent to us going out to every man, woman and child in the UK and giving them £33. Twats!

"Citizens Advice has warned the situation in the past has seen people on low incomes borrow money to buy food and being threatened with eviction. "

Well god forbid that people go out and get themselves a better job. When Lady Guttersnipe wanted more money she went and got an extra part time job. Problem solved! It’s not pleasant, she doesn’t really like it but she knows it must be done or go without. Will the proles in receipt of our money have to make such a sacrifice?

“The government has said people will not be forced to give back money if the overpayment is down to its mistake. “

Apparently not. Hang on though, this isn’t the government’s money this is our money. If I go into a shop to indulge in my penchant for Chocolate Buttons and I give them £100 when they are entitled to 30p I can rightfully expect the difference to be returned to me.

About 6 million people claim tax credits, so the overpayment is more like £330 per claimant, or a Sky TV subscription. Guttersnipe doesn’t have Sky, Guttersnipe is on a below average salary, Guttersnipe can’t event get the difference back on the £400+ overpayment that was taken in tax from him.


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