Friday, May 26, 2006

Wasn't Question Time Dull?

Well I watched Question Time last night and I was bored… bored to tears, I nearly swapped to watching Big Brother. While I respect Oona King, I thought that having her AND Hoon on the panel was just lining up Blair apologists and I was right.

A-lister Sayeeda Warsi developed as the show went on after a shaky start. By the end she was getting the lion’s share of the applause.

No boos for Hoon but he did get laughed down by the audience once.

Here are some of the comments of viewers, compare those about Hoon to those about Sayeeda Warsi.

Text: I think there's something wrong with Hoon's microphone, it's switched on.”
Text: Geoff Hoon's mouth moves like a Thunderbird's.”

“I think Sayeeda Warsi was an exceptional panel member tonight. She explained her points both intelligently and in a manner that the everyday person could understand. I would vote for this lady if she was in office because she is the sort of down-to-earth and plain-speaking candidate that the British public would follow.”
“Just a brief comment to say that Ms Warsi's comments were brilliant. I wish her all the best.”

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Raw Carrot said...

I gave up on question time a good few weeks ago. It was becoming increasingly dull... and even when Dumbleby could have totally taken down a Govt minister or significant other, he would back off at the last minute and allow the particular div in question to run away and hide under a stone instead of flattening them... Any Questions on Radio 4 is, I fear, headed towards a similar fate... :-(