Friday, May 05, 2006

Reshuffle Horrors Begins

I'm trying to believe what I read here, but apparently this is the case:

Prescott remains as DPM despite all the allegations of sexual harrasment. Go figure!

It gets worse:

Margaret Beckett is to become Foreign Secretary!!!!!. Yes foreign secretary, she gets to have all those cosy chats with Condi and Dubya. She is going to have some major links into foreign policy. What the hell are these people thinking? This is a woman who can't even handle paying farmers on time and now she's sorting out the Middle East? At least her 110 flights might be justified in this role, and frankly whatever keeps this woman out of the country must be a good thing.

Jack Straw is to become Leader of the House. Clearly Hoon was getting walked by Theresa May (there's a thought). Does this man have any pride? I can't say I like the guy but I didn't spot any real problems with his foreign work, although if the man had a backbone he'd have told Blair to shove up his arse.

The Quarterback is toast - the Safety Elephant is no longer in the cabinet but has been replaced by John Reid as Home Secretary! You know Mr Reid, the man who trades lives for votes, the man who launched the smoking ban, the man who is now in charge of implementing ID cards. I think I'm going to buy a nuclear bunker - its the only safe place left.

Apparently Tessa Jowell and Peter Hain keep the same jobs. Well frankly who has Blair got left?

I didn't think he'd have the courage to move Brown.

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