Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fame At Last!!!

Earlier today I noticed the following wee snippet in my referral stats:

Naturally as a concerned Guttersnipe I thought "well why is Auntie sniffing round my gutter?"

The answer has come at last, after only 3 weeks of ranting online the Rt. Honourable Ranting Guttersnipe (member for Vented Spleens) has been featured on the BBC Daily Politics, a show I truly think is worth the licence fee for Andrew Neil's wit as well as the opportunity to see the lovely Jenny Scott. You can view the comments here.

As pleased as I am with this sort of high brow coverage I can't help but feel suspicious of another crawler through my gutter...

What are they up to I wonder? Maybe Guttersnipe has ruffled some feathers. If I suddenly stop blogging shortly then please treat it as suspicious...


Anonymous said...

The Body Politics show

You must have written something to impress the critics

As part of their pre-programme publicity, BBC on-line are quoting your post along with three others.

Ranting Guttersnipe said...

Apparently they were quite taken with my "images of green lycra" comment.

Still, all publicity is good publicity.