Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blair Confronted About Signed Hutton Report

First Iain Dale raised his findings from the Mail on Sunday, Guttersnipe followed this and Devil’s Kitchen added much needed vitriol to my stunned silence.

Then Stewart Jackson tabled an EDM calling for an apology.

Yesterday the BBC made scant mention of the story and BBC London had a phone in about it.

At PMQs today Tory MP Robert Goodwill at last confronted the Prime Minister, and to my horror the PM said "I do not believe that any offence to anyone was intended."


Moments later Ed Vaizey, The late Dr. Kelly’s MP, added in a point of order “"When the prime minister said no offence was intended to be caused by the sale of that document, I can assure him that it was caused."”

Damn right it was caused. I was offended, Devil’s Kitchen was offended, Iain Dale was offended, and most of the right leaning blogosphere was offended. I dread to think of the offence caused to Dr. Kelly’s family and friends.

I’m aware that this blog is read in the House, so please keep this going until someone apologises and explains their actions. It doesn't surprise me that nobody has yet, I'm more surprised by the fact that nobody has tried to blame the Tories for it - that seems to be the course for all these things so far.


Unknown said...

I've witten to Tony about this demanding an appology.

Ranting Guttersnipe said...

Keep up the good work James, and I hope you'll erstand as the mayoral candidate next time round.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who bought the report at the auction?