Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Robbing the Rich and That's It!

From BBC:

"Relative poverty in the UK may have risen since 1997, rather than fallen, says the Institute for Fiscal Studies. "

Well I saw this coming a long time ago. Far from Labour's great plans to redistibute wealth from the rich to the poor, they have really just redistributed wealth from the rich to themselves. Much like evey other 'socialist' government in history.

The biggest cause for this is probably Council Tax. Council Tax is a flat amount based on your house price. Irrespective of your income or neccessary expenditure and therefore irrespective of ability to pay.

If they decide to revalue the bands you can bet that they won't come down. The rise in house prices will be viewed as people having more assets, but in reality, lower income families in rented accomodation will be liable for increased Council Tax without increase in income.

Rob the Rich and Rob the Poor.

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