Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A few examples of that "Labour Party Unity"

There have been meetings, briefings, counter-briefings and letters. Here are a few examples of the Labour Party dealing with their political woes:

From the Brown Camp:
“There's a new element - the disillusioned Blairites - that makes Tony much more vulnerable."

"MPs want to see a commitment to a stable and orderly transition in actions as well as words,"

From the Blair Camp:
"It's obvious Gordon is organising this. It's not The Da Vinci Code,"

a Number 10 adviser likened the Brownites to "teenage girls who cut themselves and don't quite know why".

From the Rest of the Labour Party:
"They live in two separate worlds. They're both paranoid about each other. It's pathetic. We are in free-fall and nobody can stop it."

Oh I think the Tories could stop your freefall guys.

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