Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What Are These People Thinking?

I sometimes wonder what goes through the mind of people before they post onto the BBC Have Your Say pages. Below are a couple of the responses to the question “Should John Prescott Resign?”

I’ll clarify that these are by no means reflecting the majority of opinion, they just made me spit tea over my screen.

“I think Prescott has done a fantastic job with respect to planning and regeneration over many years now. It seems very unfair that this should be forgotten after all that he has given to the country.”

“Not a single one of you know what John Prescott has contributed in the last 40 years, none of you know that even without his departments he spends more time than Heseltine did as deputy PM actually working, chairing meetings and reviewing policy. (Rather than stabbing the leader in the back)Ok he made a mistake but the rest of you just read a paper and swallow it hook line and sinker. AND you really think that with that intellectual ability people take your comments seriously. Try looking at fact not fiction.”

Staggering isn't it?

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