Friday, May 05, 2006

What Planet are the LimpDims From?

I love the LibDems I really do, I might have a tinge towards blue with my overall outlook (you may have noticed) but I find the LibDems truly entertaining. They love to paint themselves as a party that is out of this world when really they are a party not on this planet.

Last night during my long haul viewing of Sky News I was watching David Laws on their results so far - he sat their straight faced and said "We are really happy, this is our best result ever" - at the time the ticker on the screen was pointing out that they were 19 seats down on their 2004 result. Grant Schapps astutely pointed out the error in their equation. Doesn't make you confident of their maths to sort out the pensions crisis does it?

LibDem chief executive Lord Rennard told the BBC: "We consider it a good morning actually, to push the Labour Party into third place nationally is not something we'd expected a few years ago.

The trouble is Labour are not in 3rd place. With the LibDems currently on 803 councillors, to Labour's 1072 and Tories' 1605 it doesn't take my public school education to place the Libs in 3rd.

There's a great difference between accepting defeat and just not even acknowledging it - after the General Election they announced that they were the "Real opposition" despite the Tories having 3 times as many seats as them.

They live in a different world but you have to love their entertainment value since the Monster Raving Loonie Party don't get much coverage any more.

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