Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Gordon Brown's Makeover Challenge

Abracadabra... and I'm cool

Fraser Nelson has some interesting views on the Chancellor this week.

Guttersnipe is a politics geek, and watches and reads a lot of politics stuff. There I have said it. Anyone who has been watching this stuff over the last few months cannot help but have noticed blatant attempts to make Gordon Brown look like a “pretty straight sort of guy”. They have been doing this much much more since David Cameron came on the scene.

They tried to paint the picture of the “Effete Etonian Tory Toff” but to no avail. Even ther Labour party have to admit Cameron is well…. He’s cool! So it’s all hands on deck to find some likeable aspect of the Chancellor. Yeah right.

Following on from having his teeth done and learning how to smile he’s now trying to tour the magazine circuit, but even here he’s not going in the right direction…

Cameron interviewed in GQ, Brown interviewed in New Woman…. See the difference? GQ all metro and style, New Woman all horoscopes and diets. Cameron’s just in a different league.

So when presented with New Woman what does he tell the supposed female elite? He tells them that he listens to the Arctic Monkeys… how contrived. What Bollocks. Cameron’s iPod boasts the Smiths, suddenly we all take note… he’s the right age to have grown up with Morrissey, he is in fact just like me whereas Brown is 55, only slightly younger than my benevolent father Count Guttersnipe. I can’t see Count Guttersnipe getting down to the Arctic Monkeys on a morning, the Monkees maybe but not their North Pole counterparts.

Gordon hasn’t come up with these ideas by himself, he’s clearly had help. That help should be fired. His first move was the wearing of pink ties… PINK TIES???? How 80s is that? Jesus! He may as well dress as Crockett and Tubs and have done with it.

Is there anything that can be done to make the Chancellor look cool? Guttersnipe doesn’t think so… do any of you?

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