Friday, May 12, 2006

Voters Want a General Election

A survey for the Daily Politics has reported that 67% of voters want a General Election in the event that Blair resigns. Now I have always been hesitant about this as I view the use of a swift election would put Brown in for 5 years, I would prefer to hang on until the Tory policy groups report.

However it does highlight that the majority do not want a coronation of Gordon Brown and with 62% blaming Brown as much as Blair, a different Labour candidate may make a difference. This is going to continue the infighting in the Labour Party. They are going to alienate people if they crown Gordon, alternatively prior to the election they will probably need a leadership contest to determine their General Election candidate, and all of this time they should be governing.

86% thought that Prescott should have been stripped of his pay and perks.

Well I should tell all you voters, the Tories agree with you. Incidentally so do the LibDems and Greens. In fact so do UKIP and the BNP. In fact the only ones who don't are Labour, and possibly Respect.

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