Thursday, May 25, 2006

We Need More Museums Like This...

Lady Guttersnipe has sent me the following interesting snippet:

From the
Evening Standard:

“A theme park dedicated to sex is set to open in London’s West End. The Amora - The Academy of Sex & Relationships - will mark a departure from other sex museums by avoiding sleaze in favour of a series of interactive exhibits designed to improve visitors’ sexual understanding and performance.
The 10,000 sq ft attraction in the Trocadero will boast six “zones” covering everything from erotic fantasies to sexually transmitted diseases. The park’s owners, the Muse Corporation, expect more than 600,000 visitors in the first year.”

Now I’m not going to rant about the morals, ethics etc etc… Guttersnipe believes that if you object to these things then just don’t visit them… incidentally the same goes for Casinos.

No, I’m intrigued by the “series of interactive exhibits”. Are we able to pop into a booth for hand relief? I shudder to think….

I was going to stop there but it just gets better and better…

“Sexual chemistry, orgasms and foreplay will all be explained while visitors will be able to explore the body's erogenous areas using interactive dummies.”

Suddenly the stigma of using an inflatable woman is just swept away eh? If my spelling starts to get too bad, please forgive me, I’m just laughing too much.

“Other exhibits include latex body parts to enable you to "build" your ideal sexual partner,“

I’m assuming that they have the materials for a life sized model of Bree Van de Kamp. Failing that I always have the delightful Lady Guttersnipe – why would I want more? Although a second Lady Guttersnipe would allow me to do all those things that the real one won’t.

The next bit has had me reduced to a quivering wreck of my former self..

"and sexually accurate genital models to help men find their female partner's G-spot.”

Words fail me again…. This has to be worth a visit.

Hat Tip Nanny Knows Best for the pic:


dizzy said...

sexual fanatsies and STDs? I bet there's an MSN or Yahoo group out there that combines those two things into one.

Anonymous said...

'Lady Guttersnipe' would like it known that she doesn't trawl the web looking for stories about sex. News gathering is part of her job and she just happened upon this gem and sent it on. honest.