Thursday, May 25, 2006

Even More Home Office Clownery!

Just in case anyone believes John Reid when he says “No More Cock Ups” the Daily Mail is carrying this story… honestly I’m discovering a new Home Office scandal every 30 minutes. Somebody stop these people please….

“A group of asylum seekers who sought sanctuary from Colonel Gaddafi's Libya were yesterday arrested over claims they helped British-based suicide bombers attack coalition forces in Iraq.”
“More than 500 police officers (that’s the requirement for 10 anti-war protestors – RG), and the Immigration Service, were involved in raids at 19 different addresses across five force areas. "

“Three were being held under the Terrorism Act and five under the Home Secretary's powers to deport those whose presence in the UK is "not conducive to the public good for reasons of national security". “ – and yet they were granted asylum

Insiders said Home Office officials were "very nervous" about the case because at least five of the terror suspects are asylum seekers or were granted leave to remain in Britain.

I’ll bet they’re nervous. So far Reid has claimed absolutely no responsibility for his department. Instead he is lining up civil servants against the wall and shooting them.

One has apparently been lined up and shot because he gave the wrong figures to the Dr. Reid who then “unintentionally misled Parliament”. Given the debacle of the Home Office with people saying “we haven’t the faintest idea how many illegal immigrants there are”, Reid should really have double checked his figures.

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