Friday, May 05, 2006

Is Margaret Beckett In Charge of Thing Now?

According to Iain Dale the Foreign Office was due to be split between Europe under Geoff Hoon and Rest of the World under Margaret Beckett (shudder).

This is now apparently not the case - Beckett's thrown her teddy out and made everybody know that she is Foreign Secretary and that's that. This leaves Hoon without his "Secretary of State" status.

This highlights two things:
1 - The "New Team" isn't so much a team but an infighting mess reminiscient of Major's Tories
2 - It reinforces the view that those people making messes are reasonably safe - after all Prescott, Hewitt, Kelly and Jowell are all still in, but can anyone tell me what Straw and Hoon have done to deserve demotion?

I imagine Mr. Brown has just found himself 2 new supporters.

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