Thursday, May 11, 2006

Goodbye Democracy... Hello Police State

I've just seen this in the Guardian, not a newspaper I read but this has got me ranting:

"Speaking at a meeting organised by the Progress thinktank to discuss falling turnouts, Harriet Harman said the problem of maintaining up-to-date and accurate electoral rolls could be solved "at a stroke" by using the details held on the National Identity Register."

So this is "not compulsory" is it? I suppose it isn't unless you fancy travelling or voting. This stinks. Can I call the Labour Party back to what they were crowing bout in the early 90s that people who didn't pay the "Poll Tax" wouldn't be able to vote? Now people who don't pay the Council Tax (Poll Tax but harder hitting on the poor and under a different name) don't appear on the electoral roll and can't vote. Now they want to add people who refuse to apply for an ID card will lose the right to vote out the people who put it in place.

New Labour have said right from the start that they are supposedly concerned with safeguarding civil liberties with this... well all I can say is:


At the last count these cards were due to display the holder's religion. I believe the last people to do this had a tendency to relocate Jews "for their safety" and invade Poland. Wake Up Britain! You are sleepwalking into this.

Millions died in the 40s to prevent this.... don't let it happen by the back door.

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