Wednesday, May 31, 2006

They Never Learn Do They?

Prescott has been ranting in the Telegraph today. Were he as wise a ranter as your erstwhile Guttersnipe here he would choose his targets a little better..

“John Prescott has vowed he will not be driven out of office despite growing demands for him to resign as Deputy Prime Minister.

But he remains adamant he will not be forced out. He told The Independent: "I am not going to give in to the media campaign. I am not going to resign. I am going to get on with my job."

Guttersnipe is a little puzzled by this media campaign. The media respond to two forces:

a) that which sells papers
b) that which its readership wants to read

So with that in mind we can reach either of the following conclusions

a) there is no media campaign because Prescott’s buffoonery sells newspapers like tickets to a 17th Century public hanging.


b) there is a media campaign because the readership of these newspapers feel outraged that Prescott hasn’t resigned and are looking to the media to do something about it.

So if the media are trying to get rid of Prescott then it’s because they are doing what their public want.

Now the cock up he’s made here like Clarke, Straw and a great many before him is he is accusing the media of having nothing better to do than chase his scalp. Now the gloves can come off, the more he insults the press the more the press will dig up dirt on him… it’s going to get worse for him before it gets better.

Prescott might not be bothered what the press say, but Blair is and he’s binned close friends before because of press attention. Nobody is untouchable.

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Ellee Seymour said...

I'm wondering if Prescott has something on Blair that we don't know about, which is how he managed to keep Dorneywood and his DPM title. Now it has been demonstrated that he clearly breached his own department's working practices, he is surely no longer in a viable position to stay.