Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Question of Priorities

I'd like to take a moment to bring together two points about Labour expenditure that fellow bloggers have commented on. The first is from Blog regular Iain Dale:

"Some time ago New Labour rewarded its Trade Union comrades with £10 million of your public money to subsidise their various activies and to enable them to 'modernise'"

and then have a look at this one from Wat Tyler at Burning Our Money:

""Although such a system would have increased the probability of the aircraft's survival, neither the board of inquiry nor the independent senior air accident investigator concluded that it would definitely have changed the tragic outcome."
Wouldn't definitely have saved their lives, huh? The whole shebang would only have cost £250,000 plus £50,000 per aircraft. "

So £2.75 million (for a fleet of 50 planes) to strengthen an already stretched military and increase the survival of our soldiers abroad and at home can't be done, but £10 million so that Trade Unions can have more modern methods of pushing outdated socialist dogma that's fine.

Which one would you do without? I spend quite a lot of my work with veterans of conflicts from the First World War through to veterans of the current troubles in Iraq and frankly my blood is boiling. This is worse than selling peerages. This is trading lives for votes. These people on both sides of this make me sick.


You Decide

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