Monday, May 15, 2006

Will Mark Oaten Have Any Dignity Left?

In the Guardian:

"Sex scandal MP Mark Oaten is to return to the media spotlight after agreeing to take part in a daytime TV fitness programme. The Liberal Democrat, who quit as his party's home affairs spokesman after allegations he had a six-month affair with a rent boy, is to star in a programme called The Body Politics for the BBC."

I have to ask what the hell is the honourable member for Winchester thinking? Aside from making a fool of himself by being caught with a rent boy, then deciding that it was all the fault of hair loss - he is now taking part in daytime fitness shows. That's just conjured images of green lycra that I just didn't need.

What could the Lib Dems embarass themselves with next? Even Jade Goody doesn't go as low as this.

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