Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Whose Side Are You Really On Blair?

Given the current climate of shame regarding being English, a few questions have been asked about Tessa Jowell flying the England flag. I suppose one of them would be does Jonathan Harker think she’s a BNP voting racist?

In response to all this Tony Blair told the

“"The idea that it's wrong to put the England flag up - come on. Why not? It's the flag of England. It would be completely absurd.
"It's just ridiculous. Why can't people support the England flag? Of course they can. I don't understand that one at all."

Well, fellow Guttersnipe Ken Frost over at Nanny Knows Best has spotted a few of these absurdities:

- Cable company NTL have ordered their van drivers and subcontractors to remove their flags in case they offend Muslims.

- Bosses at Heathrow's Terminal 5 have banned construction workers from flying the flag, health and safety issues there!

- Taxi drivers in Blackpool are banned from flag flying and from wearing England T shirts, lest they upset foreign visitors.

- Taxi drivers in Cheltenham are banned from flag flying, seemingly the council believe that they will fall off and cause an accident. The police want to ban all motorists from flag flying, lest they frighten the horses (yes that really is what they said!).

- Fireman in Barking cannot fly the flag at their station, even though the local Mosque has aid it is fine with them.

So Mr. Blair either put a stop to this nonsense or stop Jowell from flying the flag from her car, although I imagine she could frighten enough horses without a flag.

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