Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Open Debate on Immigration Can Avoid World War 3.

Frank Field is becoming a real thorn in Tony Blair’s side lately. Good on him, personally I’d like to see him move away from thorn in the side and more towards stake through the heart:

From the

“UK politicians are "living on borrowed time" on immigration, a former Labour minister has said.
Frank Field questioned whether current record levels of migration into the UK were "sustainable".
And he said Britain was in danger of becoming a "global traffic station" for migrant workers.
He urged politicians on all sides to stop ignoring public concern on the issue before the BNP found a leader with the "talent" to exploit it.”

Trust me someday that leader will be found. It’s happened before. In 30s Germany there was a huge problem with the perception of the Jewish population. Citizens in Germany thought they were getting a better deal than native Germans, any attempt to discuss the issue openly was closed down by the Weimer government of the time.

Rumour festered, pressure group propaganda grew until the radical Nazi party started to gather support. Eventually Adolf Hitler was saying what the Germans wanted to hear and took office.

The rest is history. Hitler talked about resettlement, he talked about moving the jews off to their own lands, as such he resettled them to Auschwitz, Sachsenhausen, Dachau, Natzweiler and so on. 6 million Jews along with 4 million communists, homosexuals, psychiatric patients and political opponents died as a result.

An open debate could have stopped this but those who would broach the subject in the early days would be labelled Anti-Semite and then the real anti-semites gained control.

Its happening again everywhere we look and I for one am terrified of the consequences. The BNPs tub thumping is based in rumour and propaganda. Fact can flatten them.

“He [Mr Field] added: "It is only because the BNP are so inept that the debate has not taken off."
He said mainstream politicians had to address immigration "before the BNP stumbles on somebody with talent".

I’ll bet there are likely to be a few bricks through Mr. Field’s windows in the near future. But that day will come and they will find their leader unless we have this argument openly and in the public eye.

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