Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Are The Unions Really Concerned About Funding Matters?


“In evidence to a parliamentary inquiry into party funding, the 17 trade unions affiliated to the Labour party warn plans for a £50,000 cap on donations would benefit the Conservatives but remove a significant source of Labour funding.”

Now do we think that the unions are really concerned about Labour party funding? Or are they more concerned that their usual method of legalised government bribery to get their own way might now be threatened?

God forbid that the Labour Party can’t fund itself in any other way than this? If the market dictates you cannot afford to run then you go down… it’s harsh but it’s the way the world works.

The Tories and the Lib Dems both manage to fund themselves through other means than being bankrolled by the trade unions.

The unions are kicking off of course about the fact that government policy can be effectively bought by a rich donor… a rich donor like UNISON or the TGWU?

Of course the unions go on to defend their case…

“In its evidence to the constitutional committee, the Tulo group insists that unions play a unique part in the Labour party and should not just be regarded as donors when looking at party funding.”

I love that phrase, “unique part in the Labour party”. That’s like the BBC’s “unique way the BBC is funded”. In reality the unique way is that union members have absolutely no say whatsoever in how much of their subscription is handed over the Labour Party.

None at all.

If the unions want to safeguard the Labour Party coffers then maybe they should encourage every member to donate. That would fall below the £50,000 donation cap I think.

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