Friday, June 09, 2006

To all England Footie Fans in Hackney and Stoke Newington

Your MP Diane Abbott admitted on This Week last night that she supported Jamaica in the warm up because of “cultural loyalty.”

From her
web site:
“Diane was born in London in 1953.”

Just how Jamaican is she?

Replace ‘cultural loyalty’ with ‘anti-English sentiments” and you’ve probably got a more accurate picture.

You know what to do come election time.


Anonymous said...

You'll find that with almost every English person of non-English descent. 'Cultural loyalty' and national loyalty are distinct -
I'm proud to be English and am also proud to be, like Abbott, of Jamaican parentage.

I don't consider myself to be Jamaican; I'm born and raised here, and when I visit Jamaica the natives certainly don't see me as one of them. But I will be cheering two teams on this World Cup...

Ranting Guttersnipe said...

and what will you do when they play each other?

James Cleverly said...

At least she is being honest, what about Gordon Brown's sudden conversion to English football?

Ranting Guttersnipe said...

Good point... and I'm sure we're all hoping that his consituents vote him out of office.

This wouldn't be the best reason for doing voting him uot but Guttersnipe is not going to be too choosy.

Anonymous said...

In the extremely unlikely event that Scotland ever qualifies for the World Cup Finals and by some chance happens to meet England, I wonder if Mr Brown would repeat his claim about the pleasure he felt at the sight of an English player scoring a goal against Scotland in the Euro '96 competition.
The self loating of the left finds one of it's expressions in a hatred of it's own country, so it is entirely plausible that Brown takes pleasure in the the defeat of Scotland - except the country the left hates is Britain and especially the majority part of Britain (England) so, as with his management of the economy, even his faux and misplaced patriotism is culmsy, dishonest and incompetant.

kris said...

I'm dual UK/US citizen. Even with the wags, parties and shopping I supported both. Of course, if I had to choose- it would be England. Even though the USA underachievers worked like trojans agains Italian cheats!