Friday, June 09, 2006

Last Night's Question Time

A few weeks ago I made a policy of slating the kiss-ass Blair apologist on QT each week. I am sorry to announce that Guttersnipe has failed on this score this week. I actually thought David Lammy (Culture Minister) did a good job. He wasn’t apologising for Blair he was stating his beliefs and stating them well.

Guttersnipe thinks that he would make a threatening front bencher. Instead I’m going to focus on Lynne Featherstone…

Oh my god what a whining nasal waste of time she was (and I assume still is). Every time she spoke she sounded like she was going to break down in tears.

Think about this she is the Home Affairs Spokesman for the LibDems. God forbid they ever got into power. She couldn’t possibly stand up to David Davis, and if Judge John Reid so much as spoke to her she would collapse into tears.

I was impressed by Liam Fox, he was the only one that was answering the questions asked of him, and he wasted no time (along with David Lammy) in destroying Galloway wherever the opportunity arose.

Galloway sat through the whole show behaving like a rampant socialist thug, no surprise there. Featherstone said nothing to him. I imagine if he’d even said “hello” to her she would flee the studio in tears.

Here are some of the comments made by the viewing public:

“How can you justify having such a discredited and unbalanced panellist as George Galloway?”

“Text: Lynne Featherstone is a featherweight.”

“George Galloway is a belligerent fool!”

“What is this? A Galloway political broadcast?”

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