Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mayday! Mayday!

Iain Dale has broken a report on a Labour National Executive Meeting which he describes as ‘a very entertaining read’ but Guttersnipe describes as ‘rip-snorting hilarity’.

Iain was considering the future of his blog earlier, I would urge you all to voice your approval of his diary and request it keeps going. The man is definitely an honorary Gutternsnipe.

Given that Guttersnipe is not privy to leaked Labour party meetings I’m going to have to comment on Iain’s comments.

“It clearly shows that the funding crisis in the Labour Party is beginning to bite. On 23 May the Party's National Executive ratified plans to lost 46 members of staff by the end of June through voluntary severance. “

Laugh? I nearly shat! It’s good to see some of that old fashioned Labour solidarity in action, now these people can feel at one with all the Peugeot workers, nurses, health care assistants, Rover workers etc etc.

I wonder if these people are in a union… that would be amusing wouldn’t it? Say a strike around election time?

Meanwhile of course, the Tory coffers are overflowing. I wonder why.

“Lapsed members are being telephoned to ask them to renew their membership. Labour has only 198,000 members. Angela Eagle MP emailed 50 lapsed members asking them to rejoin. She received 5 responses, all negative.”

Roughly translated “Dear Alison… feck off!” HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa”

"At the same NEC meeting John Prescott spoke on the PM's instructions to Hazel Blears to reorganise the Party by the end of June. Prescott apparently was vociferous in arguing that the Prime Minister could legitimately set goals for Ministers but party organisation was the responsibility of the NEC.”

Seems that Prescott’s not going to be top of Blair’s Christmas card list, he then returns to losing his house. This is the man who claimed to be brokering relations between Blair and Brown. He then goes and briefs the party against its current leader. What a twat!

Labour continues in meltdown, the Old Crowd are taking over again and that can only spell electoral ruin.

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