Monday, June 05, 2006

Home Office Clownery Chapter 12

Charles Clarke and John Reid Discuss Immigration Policy

Right…. I can’t even watch ‘24’ without becoming quite reliant on Jack’s ‘Previously on 24…’ so with this in mind let’s have a recap on the Home Office circus Act 1.

John Reid storms into the place and declares… “No More Cock Ups”, big words I’m sure you’ll agree… then…

- the 'asylum for sex'
immigration officer was an illegal immigrant.
- Foreign prisoners walk free
- Foreign
loonies walk free.
A pass in the citizenship exam costs about £700

Now it looks like you can buy “official leave to remain”

”Scotland Yard officers seconded to the Immigration and Nationality Directorate's security and anti-corruption unit have revealed they are holding inquiries into a series of claims that government officials are accepting a 'going rate' of up to £4,000 in return for residency status.”

"Officers are currently conducting around 50 'live investigations' relating to corruption allegations involving Home Office staff, a proportion of which involve asylum applicants buying residency status to remain in Britain. So far this year alone, six IND staff have been dismissed for giving applicants 'leave to remain' status in the UK without being able to justify their decision to investigating officers."

Can we put Jack Bauer in charge of immigration policy and anti-terrorism?

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