Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Don't You Have a Bra to be Burning?

Labour MP Claire Curtis-Thomas has got her knickers in a twist this week,

From the

“Sexually explicit "lads mags" should be banished to the top shelf by law, a Labour MP has told the Commons.
Claire Curtis-Thomas wants an independent regulator to restrict the display of such magazines in a bid to stop children from buying them.
She says some of the publications are "repulsive" and "degrading to women". “

Now that the new Labour project is derailing we’re starting to see the Old Labour die hard commie types thump their tubs for any particular hard leftie cause that’s been preying on their mind. They no longer see the need to pretend to be Tories and they’re off.

This one is frankly ridiculous. She’s got it into her head like so many of the loony left that because she doesn’t like it then it would be better for everybody if any form of freedom in what you buy were removed. You know the sort of thing… they did it to the hospitals, GP surgeries and so forth.

The Venomous Harpy bleats her concerns:

“Mrs Curtis-Thomas presented her Regulation of Sale and Display of Sexually Explicit Material Bill in the Commons, stressing that many of the publications she was concerned about contained "hard-core porn", numbers for "sex chatlines" and adverts for masseurs.”

Just like the back pages of the Sun and the Sport do. In fact there are adverts for masseurs in the back of the Yorkshire Evening Post, is this bad? Are we looking to ban them? No… basically she’s wanting to be a feminist again and this is the nearest target. She’s probably opened the magazine and found that all the women are prettier than she is and we can’t be having that can we?

This is the harridan in question, and frankly the last time I saw a face like that I put £20 on it to win the National. If she spends her time resenting pretty women then I reckon her only female friend is Clare Short.

“Tory MP Angela Watkinson opposed the measure, saying it did not take account of the "complicity" of the women involved in the photo shoots.”

Let me take a wild guess at the number of Zoo, Nuts and FHM models she has interviewed on this score…. Probably zero. She will never have been to a photo shoot. She will have no idea. Just a head full of leftie feminist bollocks.

“While such magazines were aimed at men in their 20s she fears they are available to children as young as eight.
Many were being sold alongside comics like the Beano and the Dandy despite containing pornographic articles, she said.
"Throughout Britain today there is unrestricted access to such material," she said.”

Oh for feck’s sake… walk into a newsagents woman! They’re not alongside the Beano and Dandy they’re alongside GQ, Mens Health and Motorcycle News. The Beano and Dandy are generally on the bottom shelf just above the Sun and the Sport. But you’re not after them are you? Irony?
Of course there is unrestricted access to stuff like this. It’s not offensive. If you want to see ladies in sexy lingerie you can pay your money and get FHM or you can send off for a Grattan Catalogue and see the same stuff, plus with Grattan you can see pictures of 8 year old children in nightwear. But you’re not going after them are you?


“She said the introduction of a lifestyle magazine for teenage boys could "reduce any curiosity" they might have for "these grossly unsuitable publications".”

Clearly she doesn’t have any children or if she does they're off with nanny 24/7. How many teenage boys lifestyle magazines do you see out? Not many, this is because nobody buys them. Sneaking off upstairs and cracking one out over a copy of Gigantic Jugs of Joy is part of growing up… you know that part that relationship counsellors say “is perfectly natural”. You can’t exactly do that with a picture of the Women’s Institute can you? Well… not until you’re in your 40s.

Your good Guttersnipe himself spent a good adolescence with smuggled copies of Fiesta and it hasn’t turned him into a slavering pervert, well not so much as to cause the delightful Lady Guttersnipe to complain.

“Mrs Curtis-Thomas' bill, which has cross-party support, is unlikely to become law due to a lack of parliamentary time. "

Thank Christ for that.

"Advice was sent out to 19,000 newsagents to display such magazines out of the sight of children. “

Which they will duly ignore in the name of staying in business.


JuliaM said...

“Mrs Curtis-Thomas' bill, which has cross-party support, is unlikely to become law due to a lack of parliamentary time."

What a pity that's the reason.

It should be 'unlikely to become law' because it's a complete load of unsubstantiated feminist bollocks...

Ranting Guttersnipe said...

Guttersnipe agrees juliam, but I am still thankful for small mercies.

Just think if they hadn't voted for fewer hours we might now all be reading Bra Burners Monthly

Anonymous said...

I don't agree that Curtis-Thomas is motivated by jealousy; there are plenty of non-munters who object to Nuts/Zoo et al.

I've read porn and I've read lad's mags, too. The sexual content in the latter is less explicit - no minge - but on the same level as Scarlet - a lady's sex mag, and Cosmo, Orgasm Central.

I used to read FHM/Nuts/Zoo as well as Bizarre because I wanted to occasionally escape from the diet/orgasm/shopping hell that is women's magazines and read stuff with some real bite.

And I don't think it's a case of banning the mags/papers in question either, but more to do with hiding them from young children. This will backfire - I bet more young kids know what Nuts is now that they did before.

The fact is, there are boys' lifestyle mags out there... and they only sell because of the T&A. I don't have a problem with tits - if I did, I wouldn't own a mirror. The girls in them are making money, so that's their business. Hell, if I could, you know I would.

Maybe we should just see these mags for what they are - businesses, money-making operations. If they are to survive, they have to attract readers and advertisers, and the money that they spend. Intelligent content alone won't do it, so what to do? Up the nipple count.

Sorry about the long comment! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I haven't got anything constructive to add. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your comment and how much it made me laugh. It's good to see that the maggots within the labour party are starting to revolt against St Tony. I think we are in for a lot of fun in the coming months.

Ranting Guttersnipe said...

China Blue - thank you for the long comment, apologies are not neccessary. I hope you enjoy the rantings.

Anon - please feel free to return with anything non-contrcutive. Guttersnipe prides himself on a shamelessly one sided journal of venting.

Gawd bless you all.

Anonymous said...

That's the great thing about blogging - sod being fair and balanced! I do enjoy the ranting, keep up the good work.

LyndonB said...

As Les Patterson would say "The last time I saw a head like that it had a hook in it"