Thursday, June 29, 2006

Look What A Couple Of Million Gets You...

From the BBC:

“Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott is costing taxpayers £2m a year, the Conservatives have claimed.
They say they reached the figure after series of parliamentary answers and reports on wages paid to his staff.
That includes £1.3m which is reportedly the wage bill for his 20-strong office and £195,000 a year for his grace-and-favour flat in London.”

I suppose when all things are considered this twat has been a waste of money from day one, so we’re all getting used to it now. But consider the figures…

£1.3m in wages for his 20 strong office. That equates to an average salary of £65,000 a piece. £65,000!!!! Do any of you Guttersnipes earn that? If Guttersnipe himself reached the ideal target for his business and still kept on a second job he might make that.

Note also this is the “average salary”. I can’t imagine that the cleaners are on this wage. They’re earning more than the MPs in there… the average salary in the office is half that of the boss. If, as our great and benevolent leader suggests he is chairing 11 committees then why does he need an office staff of 20?

I think the delightful Lady Guttersnipe hit the nail on the head last night when she said “they have to be paid well if they’re going to get the arses felt all the time”. Priceless that girl is.

“Constitutional affairs spokesman Oliver Heald said: "Despite being stripped of his department, John Prescott is desperately clinging onto his perks - and the taxpayer is left to pick up the tab.
"The deputy prime minister's drastically reduced portfolio has left people wondering why he is still costing them so much money for apparently so little.
"His new private office is growing and will no doubt grow bigger as he gets back to his bad old ways of empire building in Whitehall."

Not only are we wondering why he’s costing us so much, we’re still wondering what he does, why he still has a job and why he isn’t up in front of a sexual harassment tribunal.

Guttersnipe is also wondering why public sector unions such as the PCS and Amicus haven’t raised any objections to the disgusting behaviour of the management in the ODPM.

“As well as the costs of his flat the Tories highlight Mr Prescott's £133,997 salary, pensions contributions worth £35,911 and allowances in 2004/5 of £105,494.
Then there is his official car which the Conservatives say costs £49,000, other travel £93,034 and his Whitehall office at £64,267.
The Tories also claim the cost of rebranding the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister was up to £12,000, and they estimated maintaining his new website would cost £30,000 a year. “

Well his web site will need to have large print, small words and clear pictures on it so the tosser can fecking read it won’t it?

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