Friday, June 02, 2006

Two Sanctimonious Lefties... One Stone - Part 1

It’s a glorious day for us bloggers and fiskers today. The great queen of bollocks Polly Toynbee the Rt. Hon Member for Gordon Brown’s trousers has returned. Guttersnipe got himself all geared up for a damn good ranting when he noticed something…

Hazel Blears has written comment for the Guardian. Oh pale waltzing Lord! Guttersnipe lives for these moments. So, periscopes up, torpedoes ready and prepare to fire!!!

The New Labour chipmunk suggests that Labour must finally prove it has the governing gene.

Well no shit squirrel-face, we’ve been suggesting that for 10 years. Quite a lot of people voted you into a third term to see if you really did have such a gene but alas not. When you can’t even get Prescott out of his mansion without a media campaign what makes you think you can get chav kids to stop shoplifting?

But never letting a trivial matter like the facts get in the way of her argument Hazel blindly continues…

“My challenge as Labour party chair is to rehabilitate party politics as a reputable, even honourable, activity”

You would hope for this wouldn’t you. Let’s have a look at why it’s disreputable and dishonourable shall we? This will be because the ruling Labour party have no respect for any of themselves, opposition MPs, parliamentary democracy or us the electorate. The Prescott Affair, the Home Office, Blunkett and all the contents of the Little Red Book show us this. Now one thing I have to give credit to Blair for is that whenever something dishonourable has happened he has managed to shift the blame onto “all politicians” rather than just his own. As such politics is now totally disrespected by the majority.

“Working-class people have the most to gain from party politics, and the most to contribute. Politics should never speak with an exclusively middle-class accent.”

Unless of course you want to be elected Hazel then you go all out to keep Middle England eating out of your hand. Strange how your lot were not that concerned with the working classes while you had the blind faith of the unions.

She goes on to list several types of people who she feels that she can’t be seen to ignore:

“Across the country, in towns, on estates and in cities, I have met people who are working to improve their localities.” – Probably repairing the damage your policies caused eh Haze?

“Some, such as the women of Mothers Against Guns, face huge danger to take on drug gangs or criminals with guns.” – since the Community Support Officers you put in as “thousands of extra police officers” don’t seem to be allowed to doing anything about these people.

“Every year we honour, with the Taking a Stand awards, local activists who tackle crime and antisocial behaviour.” – again because there are not enough actual Police Officers to actually fight the crime… weren’t you a Home Office minister Hazel? Couldn’t you have done something?

“I want the Labour party to tap into this reservoir of activism. I will be visiting local campaigns and meeting community activists in the coming months to see what the Labour party can learn from the new activism, and to encourage more community activists - especially women - into the party”

Do you now? Surely these people are looking elsewhere (probably Tory) because other parties are actually being “tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime” as opposed to just saying it…. The thing is if you had tapped this reservoir and listened to the concerns about these people then you wouldn’t have the problems that they are campaigning against.

“I know that this is a tough time to be a Labour supporter.”

I say again, no shit squirrel-face… a good portion of your own MPs don’t support you. Your own chancellor doesn’t support you. Why the hell, with your track record should anyone else?

“Some people are angry with us on specific issues such as Iraq or tuition fees; others are frustrated by what they feel is a lack of progress on issues that they care about, such as education or crime.”

And immigration, sleaze, peerage sales, taxation, housing, their pensions, the fact they have to pay back a tax credit and so on.

“Despite the current poll leads for the Conservatives, I do not get a sense that Britain is desperate for a change of government. “

Hazel, you are in power on the basis of votes from about 21% of the electorate. Nearly 1 in 5 people in this country don’t want Blair, Brown or your blind party line bollocks in front of them any more. Britain is desperate for a change of government. They just haven’t seen one yet.

“The BBC's adaptation of The Line of Beauty serves as a terrible reminder of the Tories in government: arrogant, decadent and elitist.”

This is your evidence? This is like citing Braveheart as the true story of William Wallace. I’d rather have the arrogant elite than corrupt arrogant slaves of the unions… see 1979 for your evidence.Every time I see Hazel Blears in action I wonder which planet she is on. The facts, the evidence, the world around her just have no bearing on what she is saying.

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Apuleia said...

Oh my, am I glad I found you. I haven't laughed so much (at the truth) in days - and I've spent the last 2 weeks screaming with laughter at the govt's expense. 'No shit squirrel face' just about did for me. Oh, how I hope someone gives her your blog to read. (They won't.) Have you any idea how representative of the poor bloody electorate your spleen venting is? Keep venting. :-)