Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Domestic Violence... First Signs of Common Sense Appear

From the BBC:

“MPs say they oppose plans to send people who commit domestic violence to therapy classes instead of jail.
The home affairs committee says there is insufficient evidence that so-called "perpetrator programmes" are good enough alternatives to prison. “

Bloody hell… a miracle appears to have happened. Politicians have some common sense at last. It must be a committee of Tories, there’s no way that Labour and the LibDems would have come up with a sensible suggestion like jailing wife beaters.

I’m sick and tired of all this woolly liberal leftist bollocks that gets spouted when it comes to crime. At its basic level domestic violence is assault, further up the ladder it becomes ABH and GBH. Those crimes carry a prison sentence and a prison sentence is what should be handed out, if they want to do therapy while they’re in the chokey then fine by me.

The idea of “therapy as an alternative to jail” is frankly offensive, I wonder what whoever put this forward was thinking of. Lots of group hugs and wife beaters concentrating on their favourite tambourine?


Thankfully they have declined the offer of aromatherapy and fecking reiki to cure this problem.

One point that frequently gets overlooked in the whole domestic violence debate is that husbands get battered too, and from all the battered husbands I have spoken to there has always been the use of weapons involved whether it be handbags, handy household objects (such as an iron), up to knives and wine bottles.

There are no great headline catching initiatives for this. It all focuses on the women. Why?

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