Friday, June 30, 2006

By Election: Labour Talks From Arse Again!

It used to be the case that the appearance of any Labour cabinet member in the media would get Guttersnipe’s blood boiling and ready to explode. I have to say now though that my position on this has changed.

I actually look forward to Hazel “Squirrel faced, rat woman, shite talking” Blears appearing in the media to recite one of Stalin’s press releases. I howl with laughter, I spit my tea into the Telegraph and Lady Guttersnipe sends me upstairs for a lie down.

Now that the by-election results have come in they’ve wheeled her out again since nobody else in the Labour government can deliver fiction with anywhere near as much grace as she can.


“She [Hazel Blears] said the Bromley result was an "absolute disaster" for David Cameron's Tories. “

Er Hazel…. We won.

"What you've got here is a classic by-election with the Liberal Democrats campaigning really hard, they have a by-election machine," she said.
"And people vote tactically in by-elections, and clearly there was a move here to vote anything but for the Tory party so everybody got behind the candidate that they thought could beat David Cameron's nominee," she told BBC Breakfast.

Everybody? I suppose by everybody you mean the 37% of the electorate that voted LibDem. That doesn’t seem like everyone to me.

When you compare these results to the last ones, the Lib Dems have increased their vote by 1,620 yet Labour’s vote has decreased by 8,316. So it would appear that only about 1 in 5 of those people who “tactically” withdrew their vote from Labour got in behind the candidate who could most likely beat David Cameron’s nominee”.

Incidentally you squirrel-faced toadying moron, the conservative candidate wasn’t nominated by David Cameron, he wasn’t on the A-List, he was chosen by his local association in a fair and democratic way. Just like you weren’t when you got on the all women shortlist.

The Tory majority was slashed by 11,000 because it was a by-election in a safe seat, the 2005 turnout was about 20,000 more voters than this time and that accounts for 11,000 Tory Votes and 8,000 Labour votes rather nicely don’t you think?

My noble father Count Guttersnipe gave up voting Labour because his seat is a safe seat so why bother? Do we think this was happening again here?

Meanwhile, Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell praised his party's near-miss as a "stupendous result" in "one of the safest Conservative seats in the country".
"It shows that there is no confidence in Cameron's Tories in the Conservative heartlands," he said.

Er Ming…. We won. There’s so little confidence in Cameron’s Tories that 40% of the vote was cast for the Tories. Do the math.

I believe the Telegraph today is showing a poll that puts David Cameron ahead of Tony Blair as “would make the best prime minister” – where do you come in this poll Ming? I think it’s a little lower than your candidate came in Bromley.

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