Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More Home Office Money Down the Toilet

The BBC announces this morning:

“An agency set up to seize criminals' assets has cost taxpayers around £60m despite only recovering just over £8m from law breakers since 2003. “

This is of course started out as part of our Tone’s big WAR ON TERROR! Do we remember that Guttersnipes? It was that firm commitment to battle all forms and branches of terrorism to their utter destruction. Of course this assumed that the IRA and ETA were not terrorists because they have been totally untouched.

In fact I recall the same week as the great battle to defeat terrorism started Blair invited Martin McGuiness and Gerry Adams round to tea.

They also wanted to use the terrorists’ and criminals assets against them, so far they have spent £60 million to recover £8 million. Or to put it another way they have spent £52 million achieving sweet bollock all.

“Director Jane Earl said she was disappointed with the results but the ARA had made life harder for criminals.
Our disruptive action where we have exceeded our targets is playing a big part in making the general landscape much more difficult for criminals to operate in," she said. “

But the above figures suggest that only 13% of targets were being hit. This might have the laudable idea of making life harder for criminals, but on the other hand we’re letting them walk free after 5 year ‘life sentences’. If life was so much harder for criminals why is the crime rate up?

This annoys the feck out of me… when you die, they can manage to tax 40% of your estate and they miss nothing. How come we can’t do the same thing on conviction? Fuckwits.

“When the ARA was launched with the power to seize criminals cars and cash Tony Blair said the agency was going to hit big time crooks hard - "where it most hurts in their pockets".
In 2004 the agency recovered vehicles worth just £5,000 - that was despite a 50% increase in its staff. “

Holy repossessions!!! The DVLA manage to get more than that for simple road tax evasion. What the hell are these people playing at? Guttersnipe thinks that this might be another case of civil servants stripping off and smacking each other.

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