Monday, June 05, 2006

How can New Labour Talk About Respect?

Following on from New Labour’s desire to blame the civil servants, the councils and councillors are now in the firing line as Blair decides the Respect agenda exists again.

BBC: “Blair to warn councils on 'yobs'
Tony Blair is to warn councils they face funding cuts if they fail to tackle anti-social behaviour.
The warning comes as the prime minister seeks to shift the focus away from his government's recent difficulties back on to his "respect agenda". “

You may remember the Respect plan.. it got Blair in all the papers looking tough and did sod all else…. It included:

Ø increased on-the-spot fines for disorder
Ø a national parenting academy
Ø powers to shut down problem properties.

Do you recall any of these things actually happening. I didn’t think so, what’s actually happened since the respect agenda was launched is that crime and anti-social behaviour have risen with kids collecting ASBOs like they’re Panini stickers.

Now the plan is to cut funding for those councils who fail to tackle the problem. Doesn’t go into finding out why, just removes the money and starts making it harder to achieve something that they’ve already failed to achieve. Typical New Labour money is the solution to everything answer, and we were led to believe that all the Tories cared about was money.

Again New Labour are punishing local government for implementing government policies that don’t work. Take some responsibility will you? Money isn’t the answer, poverty is not the root cause of crime otherwise everyone earning less than minimum wage would be a criminal. They are not.

A total lack of responsibility is a root cause of crime and while this government insists on creating a client state where nothing is the responsibility of the individual then this lack of responsibility will continue. For these criminals their actions have not so far had consequences, while that continues so will the crime.

Respect is something that is earned… not bought.

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