Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Government Blameless... It's All Our Fault!

The rage has started early this morning…. Gutternsipe blogged yesterday with the question “Why the hell is the crime rate our fault?”. Today it seems that it’s not just crime that is the fault of the great British taxpayer. Apparently the NHS overspend is our fault as well.

Smug looking bastard on the right, Health Minister Andy “I’ve probably got private health insurance” Burnham has some things to day on where the NHS can save £700m a year.

“a reduction in avoidable emergency admissions for conditions such as asthma, heart problems and angina could save the NHS over £120m a year;”

“reducing unnecessary outpatient appointments by up to 50 per cent could save over 800,000 return appointments and £50m annually.”

So it’s our fault again isn’t it dear Guttersnipes? We’re clogging up those hospitals with our unnecessary heart problems and asthmatics. The finger of suspicion has been pointed… we should hang our heads in shame.

He goes on to clarify the Health Commisariat’s thinking:

“"For example, cutting the number of avoidable emergency admissions doesn't mean poorer services. We know patients would rather be treated at home than in hospital and by doing this where it's appropriate the NHS can save money as well as improving patient care."”

Look Andy… patients may be more comfortable being treated at home providing their home has 2 operating theatres, an MRI scanner, a chemotherapy unit and a crash team on standby. Otherwise I think they’re going to prefer the idea of hospital. People would express a preference towards being at home because it would mean that they are not ill.


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