Monday, June 05, 2006

Prescott's Replacements Are Gathering In Droves

According to the Daily Mail the vultures are circling in larger packs now:

“The chaos surrounding John Prescott dragged Labour deeper into crisis last night as six Cabinet ministers jostled openly to unseat the Deputy Prime Minister.”

Let’s have a look at the circling vultures shall we.

Alan Johnson
Former postman and trade union boss, now Education Secretary. No known enemies.
But what is it about being a postman and a trade union that makes you capable of running the country? Gordon Brown has already expressed worries about being eclipsed by Johnson, he is probably the Blair camp’s weapon of choice.

Jack Straw
Leader of the Commons, has been angling for years to be Gordon Brown's deputy. I really don’t think it’s Jack Straw’s year… he’s been demoted for doing nothing wrong. There is the possibility though that his ‘demotion’ was a deal until after they could get rid of Prescott.

Harriet Harman
Constitutional Affairs Minister who says job should go to a woman. (Why should it go to a woman Harriet?). That’s really all she’s had to say, she hasn’t backed her stance up with anything other than blind sexism.

Peter Hain
Northern Ireland Secretary. Much admired by Gordon Brown. Much hated by the Northern Irish.

Patricia Hewitt
Health Secretary. Commissar Hewitt’s track record speaks for itself. Given the embarrassment she has already caused the party and the fact that she gets booed wherever she goes (including BBC Question Time) I don’t rate her chances. Still, it is her "best year ever".

Hazel Blears
Hazel Blears has said she might like the job… don’t make me fecking laugh!! I thought Hewitt was a stupid idea (and I stand by that) but Blears… jesus… I’ve seen her need to be asked the same question by Paxman EIGHT TIMES and still not give an answer. I don’t know what she does now.

It does indicate that since the Tories are now enjoying a 10 point lead even in government friendly MORI the knives are clearly being sharpened for Prezza. But, much as I hate to defend him, Prezza is not the problem. New Labour is the problem and the more scapegoats you are knifing the more divided your party will be at the election.

Guttersnipe watches on with glee.


Raw Carrot said...

"I really don’t think it’s Jack Straw’s year… he’s been demoted for doing nothing wrong."

Well... he did say "military action against Iran is inconceivable"... and with Blair's passion for military interventions it obviously didn't go down very well!

Ranting Guttersnipe said...

Good point Carrot. But generally speaking he's not in the same league for dropping bollocks as Hewitt, Jowell and Prescott who all kept their jobs.